Trados. What is it and how does it help translators?

Trados such as hindi to english translation app is an automated translation system primarily developed by the German company Trados GmbH. It is considered the market leader in providing translation software to freelance translators, linguists, companies and educational institutions. The company first started providing language services in 1984 in Germany and developed translation software in the late 1980s. In the late 1990s, namely in 1997, the company received a powerful boost when Microsoft decided to use Trados for its internal localization needs.

The principle of operation of Translation Memory is to identify fragments in the translated text, the translations of which are already in the translation database, and due to this, the amount of the translator’s work is clearly reduced. The texts that could not be translated are processed by the translator himself, or it is done by a machine translation system (Machine Translation, MT). The translator then highlights the newly translated fragments and enters the new texts in two different languages ‚Äč‚Äčinto the system’s database. This scheme works best when texts of the same type, where very often phrases are repeated, that is, in the case of different instructions for users (customer), technical descriptions of any equipment, etc. But you need to remember that this program does not fulfill your work for you, but only makes it much easier and helps to complete it.

Trados translation agency has a very necessary program. When a bureau receives an urgent order for translation of more than 100 pages, several people have to translate, but the most difficult thing is that each has his own style, and each translator translates this or that term in his own way. This is where the program comes to the rescue, it corrects and shows which word the other translator has chosen, as a result, the customer will not encounter different terminology when reading the translation. As a result, everyone is happy: the customer gets a good high-quality translation in a short time, and the translator gets a salary.

Trados has been criticized for various issues such as lack of backward compatibility. A number of solutions have been created to develop different versions of TraDos, but the process is not fault-free. The company has simplified the workflow due to numerous user complaints about the complexity of the program.