How to learn Japanese better – on your own, in a group, individually

You can learn Japanese and translate english to japanese in many ways: with the help of self-study books, in group classes at a language school, or with a teacher on an individual program. Which option to choose is a personal matter for everyone, because the most important thing in learning any foreign language is the presence of motivation.

In Moscow, as in any other large city, you can easily find a language school that offers group Japanese courses. Classes are conducted by qualified Russian-speaking teachers and native Japanese speakers. Small groups (usually no more than 6 people) are completed according to the levels of initial training, taking into account age, interests and goals. All students in the group initially have the same knowledge base, so they develop together. Particularly effective is training in a group using a communicative method, when the main part of the classes is devoted to conversational practice. In such lessons, students perform interesting tasks, work out communication skills in real situations, train live conversational Japanese. From the very first lesson, all communication is only in Japanese – Russian is used minimally.

Private lessons english to japenese allow you to study one-on-one with a teacher, at a pace that suits you. The teacher will develop a program to quickly solve the tasks. The only disadvantage of individual lessons with a Japanese teacher is the high cost of lessons.

Self-study is an alternative way to learn Japanese. There are a huge number of study guides and smartphone applications that help to learn the language in a playful way. They include hieroglyphics, grammar, listening comprehension, and pronunciation control. This option is suitable for those who do not have much time to study the language, since it is enough to spend no more than half an hour a day.