The French language and english to french has a peculiar sound. It is thanks to this that a significant part of people consider France a country that can rightfully be considered the most romantic place in the world. That is why French language courses in Minsk and other cities are so popular. Many works of art were born from the hands of brilliant masters who communicated in French. There are also unusual creations among them.

Artificial restrictions in French: how to do without the “e”
Sometimes the natural beauty of the French language was not enough for writers. And then they came up with various restrictions for themselves. For example, stop using the most popular letter. It is known that in the average text in French this will be “e”: its share is slightly more than one sixth – 17.76 percent. Is it possible to refuse such a frequent element?

Practice shows that it is quite possible that the French language provides a sufficient number of synonyms and other ways of expressing thoughts. A worthy confirmation of this is the work of the writer Georges Perec. In 1969, he presented to the readers his work entitled “La disparition” (“Disappearance”). It’s hard to believe, but not a single word of the novel contained the letter “e”!

Difficulties in translation
Subsequently, the work of the master was translated into other European languages. At the same time, localized versions also lost one of the popular vowels. In the Italian, German, and French versions, as using the same Latin alphabet and english to french, “repressive” measures referred to the same “e”. When translated into Russian, this tradition was somewhat changed. Instead of “e”, the letter “o”, which is the most common in Russian words, was removed from the text. Accordingly, in the title of the novel, instead of the word “disappearance” had to put “disappearance”. In this form, the text hit the shelves in 2005.