9 tips to learn English fast

1. Read a lot of books in English
We will definitely warn you that you need to start not with Shakespeare’s poems and not even with the stories of Jack London. To improve your conversational English, first, discover “Alice in Wonderland” or any fairy tales. In such literature, the language is simpler, which will allow you to feel how the level rises. Read books both in electronic form (electronic dictionaries can even help with translation) and in paper form. At first, even fairy tales will seem difficult to you, but then you will see how easy it is to read in English, and how quickly you already read.

2. Watch movies in English
Most modern players on your computer allow you to remove the Russian track in the film and watch the tape in English. To learn English and grammar, download subtitles for the movie (you can easily find them in a search engine by name) and insert them into the movie while watching (this can be easily done in Media player classic, and in Crystal Player, as well as in many others). Stop the movie if you see an unfamiliar word or expression, look for it in the dictionary. You can write it out and then repeat the phrase several times. All this will allow you to speak fluent English.

3. Read English newspapers and use the English-language Internet
Reading newspapers is significantly different from reading books (both grammar and topics are more difficult). However, if you read English newspapers, watch English-language sites, this will give you the opportunity not only to keep abreast of events abroad, but also to understand how the language of English journalism sounds.

4. Go to courses or tutor
I tried myself both there and there, because I know perfectly well the disadvantages of each type of training. A tutor is a great way to improve your English grammar, because one-to-one lessons always keep you focused. However, courses will help to improve spoken English. With a tutor you are one-on-one, there is no feeling of spontaneous communication, group communication, while the courses allow you not only to learn the vocabulary of the English language, but also to learn how to apply the grammar learned with the tutor.

5. Repeat
Think about how mothers teach their children to speak. Repetition of the same word several tens or hundreds of times, repetition of phrases, expressions. Any foreign language is mastered in this way: no need to write out the darkness of words and memorize them. Just name all the surrounding objects in English. For example, imagine when you go to a store that you need to ask to show shoes not in your native Russian, but in English. Think over the phrase as you go to the counter, repeat it to yourself several times. And every time now, when you come to the window, you will have this very necessary phrase pop up.

6. Listen to audiobooks
Listening to audiobooks will help you to learn spoken English quickly. As a rule, the actors who read the text, place accents and accents in the right places, speak clearly and correctly. You hear real live speech, however, it would be nice to have before your eyes the text that the author reads: then the process of memorizing English words will be easier.

7. Translate
Get involved in translating books. Start small, and then translate more and more voluminous texts by word, by pretext. This has several advantages at once: you will not only write out and learn new words, but you will also understand English grammar. Search and write down everything that is not clear, and then find answers in dictionaries or grammar reference books.

8. Speak!
It may sound a little trite, but nothing will help you improve your English level better than talking. Try to speak English even at home. If you want to eat, let your family know about it, first in English, and only then in Russian (if not everyone in the family speaks a foreign language). Try to even think in English when you are walking or driving.

9. Make a pen pal
This tip is similar to the previous one, but more productive. A friend from an English-speaking country will help you learn English. Meet someone on ICQ if you don’t have a friend in the US or UK. Chat with him, which will not only improve your grammar, expand your vocabulary, but also remove the language barrier.

It’s important to just remember that English is, first of all, practice! Good luck!