Learning English in a few months is real

Rule number 1 – you need to study a foreign language every day!

If you don’t have time at all, then set aside at least 10 minutes for your English! It is very effective to study English in the morning – you will remember all unfamiliar words a couple of times! How do I know this? – you ask. Everything is very simple, you need to learn about how the human biological clock works – it is a natural mechanism that governs all of us!
Rule number 2 – to learn English perfectly, you must not be afraid to speak
You do not need to be afraid of your possible mistakes, but rather ask to be corrected!
The main thing is not to be offended when they will correct you – this will be your lesson and invaluable experience! Thus, you will well remember the place where you made a mistake the next time – you will no longer step on the same rake 🙂

Rule number 3 – there are times when the desire to learn English weakens …
You are not the only one with this! The main thing is not to abandon your studies!

Relax for 1-2 days and go ahead with the song again to gnaw the granite of science! Take all your strength into a fist, overcome your laziness – prove to yourself that you can achieve your goal, do not show your weakness in character! At first, it’s hard for everyone, then people get involved, and the whole process of study goes like clockwork 🙂

Rule number 4 – learn ready-made phrases
To make it easier to learn English superficially – always try to write down in your notebook and memorize all the “ready-made phrases” that you can use in the future in most cases when talking with a foreign guy 🙂

Rule # 5 – video
Remember, in order to learn English quickly, you need to allocate time to listen to videos in English (preferably 4 times a week for 30 minutes)! A dialogue between 2 people would be ideal! I understand that at first you will not understand anything, you will be enraged by the fact that you will not understand what is being said in those very videos! Nothing! Everything has its time! A little later, you will begin to perceive some words, translate them, repeat them, memorize … this is the most ideal exercise for learning English!

Rule # 6 – First Person
To make it easier for you to learn English, you need ready-made expressions, phrases to write out and memorize in the first person, in the singular!

For example, “i am only pulling your leg”, which translates as: “I’m only teasing you.”

Rule # 7 – translate
In order to learn English well, you should try to mentally translate everything that you see, for example, the inscription on the packaging of your favorite product, an accidentally overheard conversation of 2 foreigners, an inscription on a billboard!

This unobtrusive exercise will raise your English level and keep you in shape at all times!

Rule # 8 – Daily Tasks
You should always, every day, come up with tasks for learning English!

If you go to bed and understand that today you have not spent your English a minute – then you have wasted this day! You can’t do that! Don’t be a loser, don’t look for a lot of things to do, and then, as if nothing had happened, at the end of the day you begin to justify: “Oh, there was so much work that I didn’t have time to take up English!” .. Don’t lie to yourself! You need this, right?

Rule number 9 – remember – a foreign language is a heavy fortress, which is worth storming from all sides every day!
Namely: listen to foreign radio more often, watch non-dubbed foreign films, read fairy tales for children in English (this will even be much more interesting), meet a foreigner on the site – correspond with him, chat on Skype! There are always exits! The main thing is your desire and ability to motivate yourself!

Rule # 10 – be firm, persistent and confident
Be sure that under any circumstances, no matter what they tell you there, you will achieve your goal !!! You are strong, you have extraordinary abilities, you have the zeal to change your life and make it better!