10 secrets of Linguahacker – how to make a foreign language a native

1. Find your passion / hobby that you will be willing to talk about for hours. Read / listen / watch materials on this topic in a foreign language – then the study will be a pleasure! This may include translation app for iphone.

2. Speak, speak from the very first phrase! Find someone who is in love with a foreign language! Moreover, you do not need a native speaker, the native speaker is often quite cold and uninvolved in relation to his language. Find a like-minded person. How? Just! Skype, Facebook, contact, forums! Find and communicate.

3. Be creative! Play with words in your thoughts, try to translate everything that is around you! You will be surprised what lies behind the names of companies, products and advertising slogans.

4. Use your imagination! It is your imagination that will help you consolidate your vocabulary. The brighter your emotions in relation to words and expressions, the better they will become entrenched in you. Compose vivid (bloody) stories with new expressions.

5. Write! From writing bloody stories to your own chores. Keep a diary and write everything in a foreign language. Your visual and emotional memory is activated.

6. Try writing poetry. Look for rhyme! This will help you improve your vocabulary and memorize the same irregular verbs in English!

7. Work with phrases in a single context, be it family or work, shopping or tourism – it will be easier for you to link them together. Pay special attention to idioms and phrases that occur only in this language.

8. Tune in psychologically to embrace the immense – discovering a new planet for yourself – exploring the universe anew, from a different point of view, and do not resist it!

9. Get carried away with something related to the culture of a foreign language. Whether it is capoeira, flamenco, tango, cooking, history, aikido, tea ceremony … When you get in touch with this activity, you will experience new aspects of culture, which means that you will be more comfortable studying the language.

10. Observe the speakers, their manner of speaking, their gestures, gait, gaze, reactions in different situations … and copy! Imagine that you are an actor in a theater, and communication in a foreign language is your stage. Play until new habits are as natural to you as your family! Do not worry, you will not lose yourself, on the contrary, with the study of other people’s customs, you will know your own more deeply.

… and lastly: you better fall in love, it can replace all the above tips … and believe in yourself, because the possibilities of our brain are endless! 🙂