How to study effectively

Edgar Dale in 1969 identified the most effective teaching methods.

Edgar Dale concluded that:
– listening to lectures on a topic or reading materials on a subject is the least effective way to learn something;
– using the studied material in your own life is the most effective way to learn something.

Learning Cone clearly explains why fragments from a film are better remembered than a book on the same topic read. The film uses audio and visual aspects that the human brain is more likely to remember.
How to effectively learn and memorize a topic:

1. Write
Write articles, letters, notes, keep a diary, rewrite texts.

2. Talk with your friends
One of the simplest techniques available to you is communicating with people. Discuss a topic that interests you and convey to your friends all the wealth of knowledge you have on this topic. The more people you discuss this with, the more likely you are to remember this material in the future.

3. Do it yourself
Whatever you want to learn, you must be sure that you are doing it. If you want to learn to read, read, if you need to speak, speak. It’s simple.